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Entry #2

Tournament: You Decide. Quest for Characters

2009-11-27 17:00:50 by Blue1110

Now! time to request the 16 characters in Tournament you decide! the 16 most voted will be chosen. Tiebreakers will happen if needed. VOTE FOR ONE CHARACTER! If you do not know what this is all about read my previous post


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2009-12-14 05:18:26



2009-12-30 01:21:05

(omg Legend of Dragoon is my favorite game of all time, Zombiffiz rules!!!)

I vote for Dart as well

Blue1110 responds:

Please tell this to all of your friends. We need more votes


2010-07-21 15:19:25

Lol 24 year old animator that cant animate or draw.. Man this world is funnier as i grow up.

Blue1110 responds:

What makes you think that?